Demand Gen by Google! How will you integrate it into your strategy?

Demand Gen is a new AI-powered campaign designed to multiply your creativity and increase demand. Demand Gen leads to conversions, site visits and actions such as sign-ups and adds-to-carts.

Starting in October, Discovery ads are eligible to upgrade to Demand Gen.

Demand Gen features

According to a Google/Ipsos survey, 1 in 3 consumers say they have
purchased something from the Google feed, like Discover and Gmail, that they wouldn't have bought in the first place. And 86% of Gen Z users agree that YouTube helps them discover new products that interest them. Demand Gen campaigns offer a number of powerful new features designed specifically for the needs of today's social marketers!

  • Storytelling flexibility with video and image ads in one campaign: Engage your audience with a variety of ad formats - including short videos, carousels, portraits and square images - all within a single campaign.

Find more leads with departmentsLookalike:Give them
your first-partydata and will combine it with the interests of your Google audience to help you find new customers similar to those who are already engaged with your brand, using data such as previous purchases, website, app or YouTube activity.

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