Social Media Trends 2023 | How they can help you

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After more than a decade, social media marketing has finally matured as a profession! Let's explore the trends.

Trends in Social Marketing

Thesmall businessesthey prefer a mix of creators & advertising!

For months, worries about a seemingly inevitable recession have fueled restructuring, layoffs and operating budget cuts. Businesses are reviewing their spending - and often, the marketing budget is first on the list. While we haven't seen massive cuts yet, we are seeing larger businesses reduce their discretionary spending.

The budget for influencer partnerships was one of the first things to take a hit, with micro-influencers saying they're seeing more and more brands withdraw from paid deals. Therefore, bigger brands limit the budget for creators, leaving the door wide open for small businesses. While this downturn is a blow to the creator economy, it leaves room and opportunity for smaller businesses to compete for top creators at lower prices! 😉

The majority of small businesses do not do influencer marketing, they do not work with creators, yet! What "sticks" them is of course the cost. But creators aren't as out of reach as you might think.

Content Creator Case Study: Pantee

Currently, the fashion industry produces an estimated 92 million
tons of textile waste every year. Also about 30% of unsold clothing (deadstock) is destined for waste!

So Pantee creates comfortable underwear from deadstock. So she joined forces with creators, with whom she shares common values, loves the brand, supports sustainability so that united in their common mission to reduce fashion waste.

"We set out to work with creators who are passionate about the same things we are," says Pantee co-founder Amanda McCourt. “We're really looking to work with creators who have a clear connection to our mission and really love our products. If a creator didn't buy from us, we don't feel comfortable working with him to promote
our brand. We always strive for truth and transparency.

Trends in Social Commerce

All eyes are on social search.

Google has been an unrivaled force for most of the current millennium. Competitors from Bing and Yahoo to Ask Jeeves and DuckDuckGo could not match the search engine giant's ability to provide users with fast and accurate information.

But today, Google is facing new competition from social media. Younger generations go to platforms like TikTok and Instagram to search for things like where to go for dinner, buy a sweater they saw on the street, or where to spend their 3 day. Instead of scrolling through Google results, they search social media networking! 40% of 18-24 year olds now use social media as their primary search engine, according to an internal Google study. In addition the new generation uses social media for brand research to receive decisions about where to spend her money. Plus the ads they can reach consumers and create awareness around the brand's products and services!

The shift to social media as a search engine is happening and more and more social media users are turning to it. That's why it's never too early to start preparing. In 2023, social marketers and business owners who want to get ahead should start mastering the basics of social! Video is number 1 as content
on social media, with Instagram Reels and Tik Tok Content taking over
more and more value in Social Media.

With the return to normalcy and in-person shopping, the companies stopped focusing on the digital part of their business. So consumers who were used to and continued to shop online feel neglected. Don't forget that even those who returned to in-person shopping usually do research on the internet or social media. Therefore the
2023, businesses of all sizes will need to strike a balance between online and offline customers to keep them satisfied!

This is how chatbot comes into our life. Chatbots and other simple AI (artificial intelligence) conversational tools can reduce the queues of customers waiting for an employee to serve them by phone or email, and
this helps in enhancing awareness and increasing popularity of the business, since they compete with many businesses they do not have this effective tool. They can be trained to answer frequently asked questions, guide the customer to complete an order 24/7!

Cost-effective and efficient chatbots are a key success factor for those looking to improve their users' online experience.

Trends in Social Customer Service

Decathlon decongests its team with a chatbox!

As a global sports and fitness brand with more than 2,000 stores worldwide, Decathlon knows the
importance of providing world-class customer service. In cooperation with Heyday, he developed
a digital assistant for customer support, making the experience of users easier than ever!

Today the digital assistant handles tens of thousands of customer conversations every month and is an incredible success with Decathlon data from Meta to show that 96% of customers were satisfied with their interactions
with bots.

"We wanted to find a way to reduce service costs while at the same time we're attracting new customers," said Charles Guth, head of customer loyalty at Decathlon UK. “Its comprehensive messaging platform Heyday and Messenger provided the right combination of leading AI conversational features and platform to enhance the effectiveness of our human team."

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