As the presence of inflation and economic uncertainty continues to exist, consumers are adjusting their shopping habits and taking steps to reduce their spending.

According to the PwC report entitled "Pulse Research Insights on Global Consumer Behavior - February 2023", 69% of consumers worldwide have changed their purchasing habits regarding non-essential products.

These results emerged from the global survey that was carried out twice a year and aims to monitor changes in consumer trends worldwide.

In the survey last February, 9,180 consumers from 25 countries on all continents participated. Respondents were over the age of 18 and had made at least one online purchase in the previous year.

Among the four main groups of consumers, the most pessimistic group (42%) expects a significant decrease in their spending in all categories.

For example, they seem less inclined to travel and prefer more affordable brands or even refraining from using certain products she usually buys

On the other hand, only 10% said that they have not changed their consumption habits at all and are not worried about the financial crisis.

The survey also reveals that 43% of consumers prefer to shop in physical stores, while 34% choose online shopping via mobile phones.

When it comes to the factors that enhance the shopping experience in physical stores, 50% of respondents consider access to knowledgeable and helpful staff to be the most important factor.

In addition, 42% express a preference for automatic cash registers, while 41% prefer to browse the store's website or mobile app to search for specific products.

Finally, the report reveals that 43% of consumers plan to increase their online shopping in the next six months.

These results come from PwC's "Pulse Global Consumer Insights Survey February 2023" report. The survey is conducted twice a year to track changes in consumer trends worldwide.

Overall, inflation and economic uncertainty have affected consumer behavior, with most paying attention to their spending and adjusting their shopping habits.

You can read it here.

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