Microsoft Clarity Installation Guide

With Microsoft Clarity you can gain access to data that you didn't have before either on a website or in an eshop!

It's free, easy to use and collects data on how visitors use your site as well as their eshop browsing!

Set up is easy and data collection starts almost immediately.

What does Microsoft Clarity offer?

  • Instant Heatmaps
    Automatic data collection with heatmaps for all pages!

That is, we see where eshop visitors click, how much they scroll, etc.

  • Session Recordings
    You get access to video recordings of how users use the site!

Great opportunity to test what works and what doesn't.

  • Powerful Insights
    By further exploring the insights you can identify great opportunities to optimize the site, according to user behavior!

Recognizing the needs of customers by putting e.g. new features, brand loyalty also increases effectively!

  • Oh, it also integrates with Google Analytics.

How do you install Microsoft Clarity?


  1. You open the link you sign in.
  2. You type the Project Name and the URL of the eshop.
  3. Three ways:
  • Copypaste the code on the site
  • Through a platform like Shopify and WordPress!
  • Or email the person they know 😂

Manual installation of Microsoft Clarity

You take the code and paste it before the

The code looks something like this:

Microsoft Clarity set up with third party platform

We choose the second option and then on the page that goes to us, we choose the platform that interests us. For example, we will choose shopify as shopify partners.

  1. We copy the code in the first step
  2. We go to the online store and then to themes in the Shopify admin environment
  3. In Actions we choose Edit Code
  4. We select the theme.liquid located in the layout folder
  5. We scroll down until we find it
  6. We paste over it
  7. Don't forget to save
  8. Go to settings and select checkout
  9. In Additional script we paste the code
  10. Save again
  11. Checkout tracking requires Shopify Plus
  12. Enjoy and don't forget to invite us 😉

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