Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year!

Ask anyone - online retailers, stores, businesses big or small - and they'll tell you they're crazy (albeit tired) about Black Friday. This time of year brings extra sales and an increase in revenue. And guess what? It can do the same for you😁

Consumers are prepared to buy a lot and tend to buy both personal items and gifts for the upcoming Christmas season.

Read belowall tips and adviceus for the "Black Friday" period in e-Commerce.

Start your Black Friday campaigns early!

Don't let your campaigns get lost in the Black Friday panic.

Share Black Friday teasers on social media 👀 or e-mail marketing. Offer early – access exclusively to your subscribers or run early Black Friday deals for everyone!

Build anticipation for your offers, well in advance of the big day. This creates a sense of urgency early on. Customers are also less likely to miss out on your sales!

Offer free shipping and shopping rewards.

This Black Friday, go beyond the usual sales. Attract customers with irresistible perks like free shipping.

Free shipping is one of the best ways to promote your business during Black Friday. Offer it for a limited time. Or, give your customers free shipping as a reward for their purchases (such as free shipping for purchases over €100). You can offer some special discount to your customers for a limited time like exclusive flash sale.

Add new products just before Black Friday.

Fact: customers are always excited about new arrivals!😉

Why not use that excitement to sell by adding new products to your store? Do it just before - or even during - Black Friday. This way, your e-shop will still be
more enticing for customers looking for the best deals.

Promote your new products on your site, but also in emails sent before the start of the event.

Optimizing Mobile Commerce

With a significant percentage of Black Friday shopping occurring on mobile devices, optimizing your customer experience via mobile is of the utmost importance.

  • Make sure your site is fully responsive, customizable
    harmoniously across different screen sizes and orientations.
  • Streamline the mobile payment process by minimizing the number of steps required to complete a purchase. Implement mobile-friendly payment options such as wallets
    mobile phones (eg apple/google pay) and one-click checkout (shopify rolled out one-page checkout, read more here), to speed up the transaction process.
  • Use larger buttons to make it easier to navigate touchscreens. Thoroughly test your mobile site to identify and address any performance issues, slow load times or broken elements.

A well-optimized mobile commerce experience boosts conversions.

Optimize your Website and Eshop for SEO

Many people are looking for Black Friday deals (and earlier than expected) via Google.

Add your offer as text to your home page or create new pages featuring your sales to increase the hype as well.

A dedicated Black Friday landing page with all products on sale (with category filters) will help you appear in Google searches. It would be good to add a branded google campaign where it will immediately redirect to the Black Friday sale!

You can also write a blog post announcing your offer a few weeks in advance. This will get your article indexed.

➡ Remember to update the article when your offer starts with the
full details.

Don't forget to create the appropriate content for Social Media & Newsletters for the already loyal customers!

Prepare for high traffic

An important problem of e-shops is their collapse in the days of
high traffic. If you expect more traffic than usual,
it would be a good idea to check with your IT department to see if your online store can handle it.

If you use an ecommerce software like Shopify, it won't
do you have any problem 😉

Multichannel Marketing

The more nets you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch fish, says a proverb😅
By promoting your Black Friday deals across all marketing channels, you give your consumers additional touchpoints to discover your brand and deals. Set your goals and use social media marketing (advertisements) on all available channels such as Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Google and TikTok.

Get a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' platform

Considering that Black Friday is the biggest shopping period of the year, you need to think smart and "catch" extra sales.

One way to accomplish this is to adopt an additional purchase option with the buy now but pay later option. "Buy Now, Pay Later" is one of the fastest growing payment methods in e-commerce!

As an e-commerce agency we build partnerships for our clients. In this case we are a Klarna Partner. You can contact us about the Klarna application here!

Cross-Sell and Upsell

Cross-selling and upselling can be used to encourage customers to spend more and increase the average order
value (AOV) during the Black Friday period. Possible options you can follow are:

  • Package deals: Create bundles of related products at a discounted price, encouraging customers to purchase complementary items.
  • Post-purchase suggestions: After a customer completes a purchase,
    show him suggestions for products that go with the selected product via
    email marketing (read more here).
  • They are often bought together: Display a section that shows products that are often bought together, encouraging customers to add more products to their cart.
  • Tiered discounts: Offer increasing levels of discounts
    based on the total amount spent, encouraging customers to add more products to their cart.

Follow up after Black Friday

After the Black Friday frenzy has died down, marketing efforts aren't over. In fact, this is where the real magic happens ✨ – developing long-term relationships with those who were interested in your brand during Black Friday.

A well-executed post-Black Friday follow-up strategy can turn fleeting transactions into lasting customer loyalty. What can you do :

  • Keep the excitement going with exclusive offers: Extend the excitement of Black Friday by offering exclusive deals to your recent customers. This not only rewards their participation but also encourages them to explore more about your brand. You can achieve this with social media remarketing campaigns, but also with a personalized newsletter to your VIP customers. You can achieve this with the Klaviyo platform, the ultimate email marketing solution for e-commerce. Read more about email marketing here, we are also Klaviyo Partners ;)
  • Cultivate brand loyalty: Beyond sales, the heart of post-Black Friday continuity lies in delivering consistent value. Engage your audience with relevant content that resonates with their interests and recent purchases. By sharing useful information, product information and engaging stories, you'll position your brand as a trusted source of expertise and entertainment, strengthening the bond between your customers and your business.

The post-Black Friday period is a golden opportunity to deepen connections, fuel customer loyalty, and set the stage for a lasting relationship beyond a single shopping event.

Ready to start your own Black Friday Planning? 😁

Start finding and organizing your Black Friday deals today!

And let's not forget to mention that the Monday after Black Friday is not just any Monday... We have Cyber ​​Monday🤑

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