12+1 Simple Ways to Increase Sales in our Eshop [2023]

There are infinite ways to increase sales in an e-shop, such as referrals, designs, performance marketing and many more.
Certainly, a very good experience of the market and the behavior of the consumer/customer is necessary to stand out from the rest of the brands.

  • Minimal main page.You don't want to fill your main page with endless information. It usually leads to confusion and abandonment of the visit.
  • Confidence.How do you gain their trust during their visit?
  • Photos!67% of online shoppers agree that product photos are more important than reviews and descriptions (not that you can't combine photos with reviews)
  • Simple Menu.So that the consumer can easily browse our categories!
  • UI/UX that allow easy browsing.The purpose is to increase the time of each visit to the eshop. For example, recommend products in combination with other products and streamline browsing from product to product.
  • Choosing a suitable Hosting for the eshop to be fast.Did you know that Shopify Stores are all on cloud servers and their infrastructure allows for very fast speeds?

  • Give users lots of filters!Many consumers already know what they are looking for or have a general idea. Save them time with filters like color, sizes, categories and more!
  • Create and include in Site FAQs.Collect the most important and recurring customer questions and save time answering the recurring questions.
  • Purchase products without creating an account.Shopping cart abandonment is skyrocketing. Just request an email for email marketing list, a phone (to make sure everything is ok) and an address😉
  • SEO and Quality Product Descriptions.They are necessary to inform, create value and of course to rank better in search engines.
  • Emails.As for Shopping Cart Abandons and other types of actions that will lead to an increase in sales!
  • Responsiveness!There are endless devices out there and it needs to look perfect on all of them!
  • Exclusivity!What does this mean; Offer exclusivity to customers and enjoy the results. For example, it can be exclusive offers for 3 days only, the use of a loyalty program, etc.!

By implementing the above, your eshop will start to get better results.

But remember this is just the beginning 😊

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